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We are developing sophisticated computer methods for the prevention, diagnosis and assistance of the treatment of diseases, to meet the overarching worldwide need for efficient, effective and streamlined healthcare. Our aim is to help clinicians to take better care of patients and to become one of the best Centre for Computational Medicine in Europe.

  • Computational medicine deals with developing and applying new, advanced computing technologies to the problems of human health. Given that “Sano” means “health”, and that health is a key value to everyone, at Sano we believe that by advancing such technologies we can contribute to the common good.

    Maciej Malawski, Director of Sano, Research Team Leader of Extreme-scale Data and Computing, Associate Professor at AGH
  • Computational Medicine is the science concerning human health in the way that it helps us better understand it and achieve a high quality of life for individuals and societies.

    This domain is centered around three players:

    • the human health data
    • the computational power provided by highly efficient algorithms designed to solve complex health problems
    • the highly trained experts who are capable of providing insights, recommendations, and solutions, while holding the highest ethical values in respecting the privacy and sensitivity of the problems being solved.

    Ahmed Abdeen Hamed

  • Computational medicine aims at developing models that support clinicians in the decision-making process. Although models are not perfect, they undoubtedly must be useful.

    Aleksandra Pestka

  • Computational medicine is a field that combines the passion of programmers and the erudition of medics to make our liver better.

    Arkadiusz Pajor

  • Computational medicine is not about giving ourselves up to the will of machines, but demanding them to teach us what we cannot see.

    – Joan Falco Roget


  • Trust in avatars: A workshop at Sano on creating and testing the metahuman experience
  • Announcement of the internal entrepreneurship program – SanBox 2024
  • Workshop at the hospital in Ameryka (Wojewódzki Szpital Rehabilitacyjny dla Dzieci w Ameryce) Allergology Department
  • Dawid Czycz – Art exhibition at Sano
  • May

  • 15-16.05 SDSI World Information Society Day: “Technosphere of Future Education”
  • 21.05 AI Ethics – prof. Anthony Elliott lecture at Department of Computer Science AGH and workshop at Sano for all employees.
  • June

  • Children’s Day event at Sano
  • Partnership with K.I.D.S. Foundation – Children’s Hospital Innovators Club. Pediatric Care Meeting Series for Doctors, Hospital Administrators, and Child Health Staff (we will be working on the report that will be presented in Nov)
  • Workshops at the Institute of Mother and Child – we are invited to consult the workshop agenda.
  • Workshop in Tucholski Hospital – Pediatric Department
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    Our strength is our diversity in backgrounds, cultures and opinions. By respecting and valuing passion, openness and innovativeness we make integrated family, which share the same love – computational science.
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