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Support and Development

Karolina Tkaczuk

Director of Development

Karolina brings to Sano a combination of research and business experience through her work at the external technology transfer office, IP protection entities, seed and venture capitals, as well as industry partners. She has always worked at the edge of innovation and projects targeting real life problems with high commercialization potential, including newest trends in the application of AI in life sciences. She has a PhD Eng in Biotechnology, her scientific area of interest were molecular modeling of protein structures in particular methyltransferases, structure genomics projects and crystallisation. She’s an author and co-author of number of scientific publications and books, as well as popular science articles. She was a board member of Young European Biotech Network (YEBN) and collaborated with European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) as well as Nature.

Anna Maria Trawińska


PhD in social sciences, researcher, PR specialist, branding expert, photographer, and storyteller. Anna Maria is creative and innovative thinker and planner, on one hand merges analytical approach and creative one on the other. She follows social changes on an ongoing basis, tries to build the so-called “big picture” of society and combine various elements of the social puzzle in order to navigate the world of constant change in the most efficient way. Holding her sociological hand on society pulse, she tries to merge digital world with social components. A supporter of the #TechForGood idea. Laureate of i.e., the Presidential Expert Program "Ideas Laboratory", winner of the Orange Polska and the National Chamber of Commerce "Digital Poland 2020" competitions. She cooperated with, i.e., the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Chancellery of the President of Poland, CYBERSEC Forum and one of the largest Polish think tanks - The Kosciuszko Institute.