Sano and You

Established Skill Base

Sano is being constructed on the combined experience of its internationally-recognised partners, who bring substantial skills across the technical, commercial, clinical and industrial arenas, both in Poland and across Europe. In combination, these skills encompass the full set of capabilities that must be transferred to the new Foundation, to allow it ultimately to flourish as a completely self-sufficient international Centre.

Established Skill Base
New Talents

New Talents

The detailed plan for the Centre lays out the key steps in the process of building its infrastructure, covering the measures required to create a physical entity in Krakow, and to populate it with the staff, equipment and processes that will sustain its success. With the financial resources now available from the European Commission and the Foundation for Polish Science, this infrastructure is already being built, and there are several key activities that are already relevant to a wider audience.

Significant Steps in Top Talent Acquisition

Appointment of Director

The formal process of seeking candidates for the principal post of Centre Director will begin in October 2019.

Appointment of Team Leaders

The second layer of leadership, governing the research teams that will develop the Centre’s principal research outputs, will begin in 2020.

Director Role

The position of Centre Director is the most important role to be filled as, under the careful guidance of Sano’s International Scientific Committee, the Director will influence every aspect of the Centre’s development and practice. The Director will be a seasoned expert in the field of Computational Medicine, with a rich and varied history of academic achievement and grant success, and an appropriately supportive record of publications. The Centre’s focus is strongly on the translation of scientific developments into clinical practice, and clear evidence of the nature and extent of such realisation will be of considerable interest to the appointment panel.

Current Offers

Those with an interest in the development of Sano’s talent base, and in particular with the roles associated with Centre leadership, are encouraged to visit this web page regularly.
Informal enquiries may be directed at any time to: Karolina Jarosińska,