Clinical Data Science Team will aim to investigate highly significant medical problems (such as the ongoing COVID-19 and its impact on our world, globally and the patients coping with Cancer Chemotherapy treatment). Using means of Algorithm, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, the Team will focus on addressing such problem from a data science perspective. This means that our work will always start with data and will be indulged in the analysis of data. Such analyses will aim to provide clinical insights in which drug to use or how various patients respond and cope with chemo. Clearly, this will not only help save lives, but also provide a better quality of lives after receiving treatment. This Team will act as the eyes and ears for clinical matter it investigates. It should strive to also inform healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies on whether they need to consider revisiting the drug’s mechanism of action for example. What is proposed here is in line with what Sano’s mission for computational medicine.


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