The Resources section is intended to provide you with information materials and documents regarding our activities. Here are some resources to help promote Sano, including logotypes and project presentation, Sano reports and policies, press releases and additional resources, which may be interested for our partners and press representatives.
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Sano Information Materials


  • Sano leaflet (PDF)
  • SanoCentre and the COVID-19 pandemic leaflet (PDF)

Annunal Report:


Sano Policies:


  • Sano overview presentation (PDF) / 8.06.2020
  • Sano extended EU Hearing presentation (PDF) / 2019
  • Sano presentation at the Cracow Tech Week (PDF) / 22.05.2019
  • Sano presentation at the CompBioMed2 Kick-off: (PDF) / 22.10.2019
  • Sano presentation at the Conference International Cooperation: (PDF) / 24.10.2019
  • Sano presentation at the PRIMAGE Workshop “Advanced ICT for Medical Imaging Research and Innovation”: (PDF) / 31.10.2019
  • Bubak, M. Kasztelnik, J. Meizner, P. Nowakowski, T. Gubała, M. MalawskiTowards a Universal Platform for Large Scale Simulations on Prometheus (abstractpresentation), KUKDM 2020 Conference / 5-6.03.2020
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Press Kit:


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