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Bradshaw, Tyler J.; Boellaard, Ronald; Dutta, Joyita; Jha, Abhinav K.; Jacobs, Paul; Li, Quanzheng; Liu, Chi; Sitek, Arkadiusz; Saboury, Babak; Scott, Peter J. H.; Slomka, Piotr J.; Sunderland, John J.; Wahl, Richard L.; Yousefirizi, Fereshteh; Zuehlsdorff, Sven; Rahmim, Arman; Buvat, Irène

Nuclear Medicine and Artificial Intelligence: Best Practices for Algorithm Development Journal Article

In: Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2022.

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Hamed, Ahmed Abdeen; Fandy, Tamer E.; Tkaczuk, Karolina L.; Lee, Byung Suk

COVID-19 Drug Repurposing: a Network-based Framework for Exploring BioMedical Literature and Clinical Trials for Possible Treatments Journal Article

In: Pharmaceutics , 2022.

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Grzeszczyk, Tadeusz A.; Grzeszczyk, Michal K.

Justifying Short-Term Load Forecasts Obtained with the Use of Neural Models Journal Article

In: Energies 2022, 15(5), 1852;, 2022.

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Płotka, Szymon; Klasa, Adam; Lisowska, Aneta; Seliga-Siwecka, Joanna; Lipa, Michał; Trzciński, Tomasz; Sitek, Arkadiusz

Deep learning fetal ultrasound video model match human observers in biometric measurements Journal Article

In: Physics in Medicine & Biology, 2022.

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Renc, Paweł; Pęcak, Tomasz; Rango, Alessio De; Spataro, William; Mendicino, Giuseppe; Wąs, Jarosław

Towards efficient GPGPU Cellular Automata model implementation using persistent active cells Journal Article

In: Journal of Computational Science, 2022.

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Y, Xie; B, Graf; P, Farzam; B, Baker; C, Lamoureux; A, Sitek

Multi-institutional evaluation of a deep learning model for fully automated detection of aortic aneurysms in contrast and non-contrast CT Journal Article

In: SPIE Medical Imaging, 2022.

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Otaki, Yuka; Kriekinge, Serge D. Van; Wei, Chih-Chun; Kavanagh, Paul; Singh, Ananya; Parekh, Tejas; Carli, Marcelo Di; Maddahi, Jamshid; Sitek, Arkadiusz; Buckley, Christopher; Berman, Daniel S.; Slomka, Piotr J.

Improved myocardial blood flow estimation with residual activity correction and motion correction in 18 F-flurpiridaz PET myocardial perfusion imaging Journal Article

In: European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging , 2021.

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Roterman, Irena; Stapor, Katarzyna; Gądek, Krzysztof; Gubała, Tomasz; Nowakowski, Piotr; Fabian, Piotr; Konieczny, Leszek

Dependence of Protein Structure on Environment: FOD Model Applied to Membrane Proteins Journal Article

In: Membrane Biological Function in Health and Disease, 2021.

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Sousa, José; JoãoBarata,; van Woerdend, Hugo C; Kee, Frank

COVID-19 Symptoms App Analysis to Foresee Healthcare Impacts: Evidence from Northern Ireland Journal Article

In: Applied Soft Computing, 2021.

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Elsheikh, Samar S. M.; Chimusa, Emile R.; Initiative, Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging; Mulder, Nicola J.; Crimi, Alessandro

Relating Global and Local Connectome Changes to Dementia and Targeted Gene Expression in Alzheimer’s Disease Journal Article

In: Front Hum Neurosci, 2021.

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