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Sousa, José; JoãoBarata,; van Woerdend, Hugo C; Kee, Frank

COVID-19 Symptoms App Analysis to Foresee Healthcare Impacts: Evidence from Northern Ireland Journal Article

In: Applied Soft Computing, 2021.

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Elsheikh, Samar S. M.; Chimusa, Emile R.; Initiative, Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging; Mulder, Nicola J.; Crimi, Alessandro

Relating Global and Local Connectome Changes to Dementia and Targeted Gene Expression in Alzheimer’s Disease Journal Article

In: Front Hum Neurosci, 2021.

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Roterman, Irena; Stapor, Katarzyna; Gądek, Krzysztof; Gubała, Tomasz; Nowakowski, Piotr; Fabian, Piotr; Konieczny, Leszek

On the Dependence of Prion and Amyloid Structure on the Folding Environment Journal Article

In: International Journal of Molecule Sciences, 2021.

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Dajda, Jacek; Idzik, Michał; Sroka, Jakub; Pawłowski, Mikołaj Sikora Wiktor; lka, Maciej Smo; Jabłecki, Przemysław; Ślazyk, Filip; Malawski, Maciej; Majerz, Emilia; Pasternak, Aleksandra; Dzwinel, Witold

Current Trends in Software Engineering Bachelor Theses Journal Article

In: Computing and Informatics, 2021.

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Bubak, M.; Malawski, M.; Słota, R. G.

Preface to the Special Issue on Software Engineering Journal Article

In: Vol. 40 No. 4 (2021): Computing and Informatics, 2021.

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P., Jabłecki; F., Ślazyk; M., Malawski

Federated Learning in the Cloud for Analysis of Medical Images – Experience with Open Source Frameworks Conference


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Raboh, Moshe; Levanony, Dana; Dufort, Paul; Sitek, Arkadiusz

Context in medical imaging: the case of focal liver lesion classification Journal Article

In: Physics of Medical Imaging, 2021.

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Lichołai, Sabina; Studzińska, Dorota; Plutecka, Hanna; Gubała, Tomasz; Szczeklik, Wojciech; Sanak, Marek

MiR-191 as a Key Molecule in Aneurysmal Aortic Remodeling Journal Article

In: Biomolecules, 2021.

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Kara, Eleanna; Crimi, Alessandro; Wiedmer, Anne; Hardy, John; Hyman, Bradley T.; Aguzzi, Adriano

An integrated genomic approach to dissect the genetic landscape regulating the cell-to-cell transfer of α-synuclein Journal Article

In: 2021.

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Bubak, M; Czechowicz, K; Gubała, T; Hose, D R; Kasztelnik, M; Malawski, M; Meizner, J; Nowakowski, P; Wood, S

The EurValve model execution environment Journal Article

In: Interface Focus, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 20200006, 2021, ISSN: 2042-8898.

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