Life Science Open Space 2023 – Networking with the Bests in MedTech 

Life Science Open Space 2023 – Networking with the Bests in MedTech 

The last week of November the Sano team was very busy with two big events, which marked the end of the year.

Sano Science Day 2023 (29 November), gathering most of the Sano researchers, was a scientific event that highlighted the research achievements of Sano and its teams. On the other hand, Life Science Open Space 2023 was a demo & networking opportunity for Sano, allowing us to look at our science from a different, practical, and business perspective. This year Sano was leading the Health Track at the LSOS – the conference of Klaster Life Science Kraków with already a long track record. Over two days of November 30th and December 1st, Sano research team leaders were chairing sessions on digital health, medical imaging and hospital innovations, while selected projects from Sano were presented as opportunities for collaboration.  

Sano was proud to be the driving force of six sessions focused on the digital revolution in healthcare: Hospital of the Future (led by Prof. Andrzej Kononowicz), Personalised Medicine (led by Dr. Jose Sousa), Digital Healthcare (led by Prof. Maciej Malawski), Visualising Health (led by Dr. Alessandro Crimi), Drug Discovery/Development (led by Dr. Ahmed A. Hamed), Data-Driven Treatments (led by Prof. Marek Sanak). Besides academic researchers, representatives of the life science industry, including MedTech businesses and start-ups, shared their success stories and current projects. 

 At another track of the LSOS, Dr. Katarzyna Baliga-Nicholson added Sano’s point of view to the Business Development panel. Networking breaks and the evening reception were there to facilitate further interactions and open doors for future collaborations. At the final discussion on the “Questions that matter” Sano’s voice was expressed by Piotr Nowakowski. 

The event, nicknamed the Collaboration and Innovation Summit for Health and Quality of Life, was organized jointly by Sano, Klaster Life Science Kraków and Krakow Technology Park (KPT), which offered a grand conference venue in its Kraków headquarters.