Professor Ewa Deelman visited Sano Science  

Professor Ewa Deelman visited Sano Science  

Last week we had honor to host Ewa Deelman, research professor from University of Southern California and we had wonderful opportunity to consult with her our computational medicine projects.

Professor Deelman is on the scientific board of Sano International Scientific Committee. Her area of research is distributed computing. As she explains: “I research how to best support complex scientific applications executing on a variety of computational environments, including campus clusters, grids, and clouds. My team and I have designed new algorithms for job scheduling, resource provisioning, and data storage optimization in the context of scientific workflows”. 

Since 2000, professor has been conducting research in scientific workflows and has been leading the design and development of the Pegasus software that maps complex application workflows onto distributed resources. Pegasus is used by a broad community of researchers in astronomy, bioinformatics, earthquake science, gravitational-wave physics, limnology, and others. 

She is also interested in issues of distributed data management, high-level application monitoring, and resource provisioning in grids and clouds. 

Professor Ewa provided her perspective on cyberinfrastructure, scientific workflows, as well as recent updates on her research projects at lecture organized by Sano Science for our students and researchers form AGH University in Kraków.  

Professor’s visit was a great opportunity to discuss with her Sano’s current research objectives and get valuable comments and suggestions. 

Computational medicine has enormous potential. What I like most about the Sano idea is how diverse teams are working on projects. This diversity in expertise and experience is both your differentiator and your greatest advantage – said the professor.