118. LifeScience Krakow Cluster and Ecosystem – what can we achieve together in shorter and longer perspectives?

Kazimierz Murzyn – Klaster Lifescience, Krakow, PL


LifeScience Krakow is the cluster initiative created to foster collaboration amongst stakeholders of the life science and biotech innovation ecosystem in Malopolska. To that end, the main KPI is the growth of “the knowledge-based economy” measured at the level of the whole region. For the life science community members, it means aiming together for leadership in science, technology, and innovation in health and quality of life. 

This lecture will focus on activities, projects, strategies, and perspectives that create the collaborative space, thus facilitating more effective and impactful development for organisations and individuals from science, business, healthcare and administration. It will derive from seemingly abstract programs and strategies but also present practical opportunities for support and funding.

About the author

Managing Director of the LifeScience Kraków Cluster; Member of the SCANBALT strategy group; Member of the Agricultural University Council, Chairman of the Malopolska Smart Specialization Working Group “Life Sciences”,  President of the Sano Foundation Council.

He is an animator of cooperation within the LifeScience Kraków cluster (National Key Cluster) – an ecosystem supporting innovation for health and quality of life in the Małopolska region. He is involved in innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as transfer of knowledge and technologies applicable to health and quality of life. Expert in strategic planning, scenario planning, creativity and creative problem solving and project management. Expert in analyzing and modeling complex learning systems.