121. Neuromorphic computing in medicine

Jan K. Argasinski – Sano Centre for Computational Medicine, Krakow, Poland


In the field of Artificial Intelligence, inspiration by how the brain functions has always been significant. Today, we have better models of this phenomenon than ever before – both in software and hardware. This presentation introduces neuromorphic computing, a novel approach inspired by neurobiology. Neuromorphic computing is explored in the context of personalized medicine, emphasizing its potential benefits. The talk covers the fundamental principles of neuromorphic computing and its applications in areas such as data processing, pattern recognition, and adaptive learning. The aim is to provide a concise overview of how this approach can contribute to more effective and tailored healthcare solutions.

About the author

Jan K. Argasinski, PhD, is a Senior Postdoc at the Sano Centre for Computational Medicine and an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Applied Computer Science, Jagiellonian University. His interests include artificial intelligence, affective computing, computational neuroscience, and VR/AR.