84. A practical view of Artificial Intelligence in histopathology

84. A practical view of Artificial Intelligence in histopathology

Jarosław Kwiecień – Cancer Center Sp. z. o.o., Wroclaw PL


Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is being improved very fast, helping people in various areas. Medical imaging and diagnostics is one of them and there are thousands of papers about AI in medicine, including histopathology. However, there are very few successful stories about applications of AI in digital pathology diagnostics. We are going to discuss about the challenges of making practical AI in this subject, about the lessons we have learned and the recent discoveries which will impact the future development of algorithms for digital pathology. Finally, we will talk about the opportunities to bring the algorithms to the doctors that our new web platform, CancerCenter.AI, brings.

About the author

Jarosław Kwiecień is a 25-year-old software developer, data scientist and CTO of CancerCenter, the company founded to improve cancer diagnostics by developing innovative IT solutions. He seems to be very young as for a CTO, however, it’s been 13 years since he started programming! During that time he has achieved sucess in many programming competitions, including 1st place (twice) in a famous Polish competition “Algorithmic Engagements” (“Potyczki Algorytmiczne”) and 5th place in academic worldwide competition “ACM ICPC”. Last year he finished his Master’s thesis which received the 3rd prize for the best Master’s thesis in Computer Science in Poland. In CancerCenter he’s involved in both machine learning and software development process, creating a brand new system for digital pathology and radiology.