To create something, we will be proud of – Arkadiusz Sitek, Director of Sano Centre

Dr Arkadiusz Sitek has been appointed the President of the Management Board and Director of Sano – Centre for Computational Medicine in Krakow since the beginning of 2021. From the 1990s, he developed a scientific career at Canadian and American universities, institutes, in an international companies and corporations. After more than a quarter of a century, he decided to return to Poland, to create Sano – Centre for Computational Medicine.

An interview with Marian Bubak for InSilicoTrials

We invite you to read an interview with Marian Bubak on InSilicoTrials. Scientific Affairs Director of Sano Centre for Computational Medicine told about many interesting topics including the Sano research program covering in silico medicine research areas such as modeling and simulation, data science, data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, image processing, IT methods in medicine, large-scale computing, and decision-making support systems.