For doctors who want to build a new, better future 

For doctors who want to build a new, better future 

Community of Doctors-Innovators or NIL_IN (in Polish: Społeczność Lekarzy Innowatorów) is a new project of the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists (Naczelna Izba Lekarska).

The new community’s mission is to create a place where doctors-innovators can obtain the necessary support for their projects. We are happy to announce that Sano is a member of a NIL_IN and our colleagues now participate in the Medical Data working group of the community.  

For Sano, as for any other computational medicine centre, medical data is a crucial and inevitable source of research. Just a few examples of Sano projects will show its importance.  

For development of Remote examination room – the tool which will help to fight shortages of medical personnel and limited access to healthcare we need to feed our deep learning models (AI) with a great number of patient-specific data like electronic health records, laboratory results, clinical notes etc. 

A deep learning approach for automatic multiclass classification of tumor grades (the project of Sano and the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS), which will help to avoid time-consuming and laborious manual examination of images, for its development, also needs a number of real medical images of tumor, i.e. medical data.  

That is why we are happy to work together with NIL_IN community in order to improve the quality and availability of medical data, so that its potential can be effectively used and serve the development of innovation in healthcare.