High-Performance Computing resources for Polish science at the Academic Computing Centre Cyfronet AGH

Klemens Noga, PhD (AGH University of Science and Technology)


High-performance computing (HPC) resources can empower research in multiple domains, and recently, the usage of supercomputers to speed up and improve studies is becoming increasingly common in social science and humanities. This presentation explores resources and services provided by Academic Computer Centre Cyfronet AGH for scientific communities in Poland. A detailed description of HPC supercomputers, storage solutions, and the software environment available at Cyfronet will be provided. We’ll discuss how supercomputers can expedite simulations, data analysis, and statistical modelling, enhancing research depth and speed. Additionally, available AI tools integrated into HPC environments will be described. Also, information on how to get and manage user accounts and computing and storage resources will be provided.


11th April 2024, 2:00 pm 


Institute of Psychology UJ, room 4.01

Romana Ingardena Street 6, 30-060 Kraków