Research / Health Informatics Group at Sano (HIGS)

Tomasz Szczepański

PhD Student in Health Informatics

Tomasz holds a BEng from Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) in Photonics Engineering. His bachelor thesis focused on computer vision and augmented reality techniques. He gained practical experience as a software engineer at Curious Element startup and The Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management of WUT. He obtained MSc in Computer Science in 2022 from WUT. His thesis focused on the problem of data bias in chest X-rays of patients with COVID-19. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD at Sano Centre and WUT. He joined the Health Informatics team at Sano, and he will be working on medical treatment planning using deep learning methods. In his free time, he bakes Neapolitan pizza and brews craft beer or speciality coffee.