Popularization of Computational Medicine

Popularization of Computational Medicine

Dr Marian Bubak, the scientific affairs director of Sano was invited by the famous Copernicus Center in Krakow to give a popular lecture about computational medicine. The lecture Cyfrowi bliźniacy i medycyna przyszłości (Digital twins and the medicine of the future) is now available on Youtube (the lecture is in Polish language).

Not all therapies work for every patient, which may be due to the natural differences that occur between people. The answer to this challenge of medicine may now be the rapidly developing so-called personalized medicine, in which therapies are tuned to the specific patient.

– said Marian Bubak

He talked about how, using computer methods, tools such as a virtual physiological human (VPH) or a digital twin (VHT) can be created, allowing for more effective diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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