Recipe for a Good Party from Sano Team 

Recipe for a Good Party from Sano Team 

As it turned out, the Sano Science teams are not experts in computational medicine only but also can share a recipe for a good event!

Last Friday we had a Sano Party, and here are our recommendations for those who want to have a great time too: 

1. Bring together people who like the company of each other! 

2. Take some sports activities, for example, bowling and pool – people like to compete after a work hour! 

3. Add some tasty food and drinks! 

4. Do not forget about the intellectual part: prepare a quiz! (See point 2: People like to compete!) 

5. Have a ceremony to acknowledge achievements. At this point, we had a SanOscar award ceremony! The Categories of the award represented the four key values of Sano: Diversity, Innovation, Integrity, and Passion. 

In the “Diversity” category, our proud winners are: 

1. The Computer Vision Team, as the most diverse team of Sano in terms of nationality and gender,  

2.  Maria Sendecka, our Office Specialist and Assistant to the Management Board, for the ability to diversify tasks with a smile! 

 In the “Innovation” category, the winners are: 

1. The Extreme-Scale Data and Computing team, for working on an innovative digital tween project

2Dr. Jan Argasiński, for innovatively crossing barriers between scientific disciplines! 

The “Integrity” category winners: 

1. Agnieszka Rogóż, a procurement specialist, for combining many purchasing threads in one place and patiently acting in accordance with the current regulations. 

2Ewa Sokalska, a payroll specialist, for extremely conscientious and flawless handling of all payrolls matters and for maintaining full discretion in dealing with HR and employee issues 

In the “Passion” category, the winners are: 

PhD students at the Health Informatics team Michał Grzeszczyk and Szymon Płotka, for their passion for science, and for publishing the biggest number of articles this year!  

Congratulations to all SanOscar 2023 winners! Big thanks to all Sano team for coming and having time together! 

Special thanks to Sano Human Talent Manger Małgorzata Majewska-Madura for organizing such wonderful party for our Team!