We engage and closely work with medical professionals, academia, governments, NGOs, and industry to solve relevant and significant problems which plague healthcare systems. We work in the six domains which approximately map to six research teams which comprise Sano’s research core.

Personal Health Data Science

Behavioral science and data analytics on population health data and other types of data (e.g., wearables) to identify health risks, trends, inefficienciesvulnerable populations, patient subgroups, and investigate potential population-wide interventions (e.g., nudge theory).

Health Informatics

Multidisciplinary research at the interface of computing, information technology, behavioral science, human-computer interaction, and AI, focused on healthcare workflows, patient data management, data visualization, interaction and communication applied to on-site and remote medicine.

Clinical Data Science

Development of AI clinical decision support systems based on clinical data and other types of information obtained from various sources and/or computer simulations.

Modelling and Simulation

Development of models and mechanisms to simulate physiological processes relevant to diagnosis and therapy as well as applications in the area of in-silico clinical trials 

Extreme-scale Data and Computing

Efficient processing of large data sets with the use of advanced computing infrastructures and deployment of computing solutions at the point of care.

Computer Vision Data Science

Development of AI tools to automatically analyze visual information in Heathcare such as medical imaging, endoscopy, surgery, and other type of visual information