The group has a research vision of “Citizen-Before-Patient” (CB4P). To develop it, it’s focus on the mission of “Empowering personal health decision making within actionable insights of a Computational Intelligence Architecture of Choice”.

While most individuals are now constantly “online”, consuming and providing enormous amounts of information, healthcare deliverables remain relatively unchanged compared to thirty years ago.

  • With a long-term goal to co-create a personal health architecture of choice that will collect available information about individuals and provide model based evidence on personal health.
  • By integrating medical records, genetics, microbiome genetics, behavioural information (exercise level, sleep quality, physical activity, etc.), stress levels, dietary habits, food quality, environmental factors (e.g. pollution, allergen levels) and other socioeconomic factors build a multiverse machine self-learning process.
  • Building upon Poland’s unique position as a single-payer healthcare system with centralized access to data concerning a vast number of patients.
  • Co-developing with medical institutions access to detailed medical data (EHR, imaging and multi-omics).
  • We aim to deliver AI machine self-learning models for improving the health of entire populations.

These are being translated in the development of different project having as background populational epidemiology and individual paths supported by the development of self-semantic machine learning.