The project aims to explore the clinical trials for FDA-approved drugs that could show promise as an antiviral for the COVID-19 disease. We plan on continuing the drug repurposing for COVID-19. Future phases would investigate how COVID-19 antiviral drugs may be suited for pre-existing condition patients (Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Depression, and Asthma). 

The aims of this study are to identify off-label drugs that may have benefits for the coronavirus disease pandemic, present a novel ranking algorithm called CovidX to recommend existing drugs for potential repurposing, and validate the literature-based outcome with drug knowledge available in clinical trials. The expected methods of the project are centred around Natural Language Processing, Algorithms, and Machine Learning. 

Scientific Directions: 

There is no doubt that the Drug Repurposing for COVID-19 will help with our immediate needs. Even with the availability of vaccines the world is unclear about whether they will be able to stand against the ever-evolving Coronavirus. At the time of writing this document, the world is racing to learn about the Omicron variant. It is inventible to have an antiviral treatment for the disease to be able to save the lives of the unfortunate people who get infected. However, we are also confident that such a treatment will be found in and various options may become available. Despite the uncertainly, Merck’s Oral Antiviral Molnupiravir Reduced the Risk of Hospitalization or Death by Approximately 50 Percent. This is great news to our world, and it also shows the significance of the science of Drug Repurposing. 

Drug Repurposing makes significant discoveries, we will be investigating Drug Repurposing for cancer and Alzheimer’s. Using means of Data Science, the team will strive to explore the current FDA-approved drugs. The team should strive to create a publicly accessible knowledgebase that can be shared with the scientific and industrial community. Perhaps it can be also used as a source for monetizing on analytics that will be requested by industry and research labs.