Sano become a partner of AI in Healthcare Coalition

Sano become a partner of AI in Healthcare Coalition

We are pleased to announce that Sano Centre for Computational Personalised Medicine - International Research Foundation has become one of the main members of Ai in Healthcare Coalition.

The Ai in Healthcare Coalition consists of various entities, including technology, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies offering local and global healthcare. They share their interest development of AI potential in the Polish health care system. The coalition uses and conducts research and development works on technologies enabling the use of AI in the field of, among others: care medical, including telemedicine and advanced diagnostics, health care management, clinical trials, distribution of medicinal products. As a result, products (medicinal products and medical devices) that use these technologies are created.

One of the activities of Ai in Healthcare Coalition is virtual conference. The meeting is a response to the Policy of Artificial Intelligence Development in Poland adopted by the Council of Ministers. The aim of the event is to create a platform for the exchange of domestic and foreign knowledge and experience in the field of medical regulations, technologies and standards. Joint actions are to contribute to establishing a coherent strategy for AI development in Poland.

The conference is also an excellent opportunity to present artificial intelligence solutions in health care and establish cooperation with startups presented in the report – “Top Disruptors In Healthcare 2021”

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