Sano is hiring!

Sano is hiring! Exciting news for 2021! 2021 has already started well for Sano, there are many things going on inside the organization, and even more exciting things still to come in the very near future. 

First of all, the new Director will join Sano in February 2021 – a very inspiring, experienced leader, an individual with a great vision, someone who embodies core Sano values. We can’t wait to share the details next month! This person will lead one of the Research Groups – Health informatics. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

We are also delighted to announce that Sano is hiring and started the recruitment of Research Group Leaders. We aim at attracting world-class scientific talents, to conduct research in 6 different pillars, as defined in our Research Agenda.


The dominant idea of Sano’s Research Agenda is to harness innovations in the artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing, and clinical workflows to create practical solutions, which will tangibly improve healthcare of the future. The Groups were identified keeping in mind the diversity of technical and application expertise, along with the potential for synergistic collaboration between these research teams.

  • We’re looking for leaders of the following research groups:
  • Modeling and simulation – this research area will be concerned with the development of fundamental modelling tools and workflows, simulating physiology and predicting multi-morbidity through integration with the healthcare data and data science technologies
  • Clinical Data Science – the group will use AI with machine learning and deep learning models to conduct research into improvements in decision making at all stages of patient’s interaction with healthcare system – prevention, diagnosis, risk, optimal path of treatment, and treatment monitoring using the patient-specific data
  • Computer vision data science – the group will focus its efforts on the development of AI technology for automatic analysis and interpretation of visual information in healthcare applications
  • Personal health data science – the group will develop machine learning methods for analysis and creation of personal health predictive models as well as use or artificial intelligence in public health and epidemiology
  • Extreme-scale data and computing – this team will address the issues presented by the developments of High Performance Computing, AI, big data and cloud computing

Research Group Leaders will, shape the research strategy of the organization and the internal culture of the Centre to ensure scientific and commercial success, doing it in close cooperation with our clinical and industrial partners.

2021 will be a great year for Sano – we invite everyone interested to contact us


and discuss opportunities for further development.