92. Cancer Prevention and the Emerging Role of Digital Therapeutics

92. Cancer Prevention and the Emerging Role of Digital Therapeutics

Maria Golebiowska – Personal Health Data Science Team, Sano Centre for Computational Medicine, Krakow, PL


The incidence of cancer has been increasing year by year and, therefore, effective preventive strategies and effective treatment methods are increasingly sought. Due to the rising costs of cancer treatment, primary prevention should be considered the most cost-effective strategy to fight cancer. Thanks to proper education and changing modifiable cancer risk factors, the potential for primary prevention seems to be very high. 

Despite the potential that AI can bring to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, there is still a lack of digital therapeutics interventions in the field of broadly understood prevention. Digital therapeutics may have the potential to play a fundamental role in shifting the problem from cancer diagnosis and treatment to prevention. They may represent the first therapeutic option offered by each physician to each of their patients with chronic disease, which, along with the capture and analysis of real-world data, paves the way for more personalized and value-based healthcare.

About the author

Maria Gołębiowska-Krowicka received her MD degree from the Jagiellonian University Medical College, B.A. degrees in Informatics and Econometrics as well as International Economic Relations from Cracow University of Economics and a B.A. degree in Transatlantic International Relations from Grand Valley State University. Currently pursuing her PhD at Sano as part of the Personal Health Data Science team.