Shaping the Future of Medicine with Doctor-Innovators from NIL IN 

Shaping the Future of Medicine with Doctor-Innovators from NIL IN 

Sano greatly values its partnership with the Supreme Chamber of Physicians and Dentists NIL IN (Naczelna Izba Lekarska Innovators), which offers a unique opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise in topics connected to AI, data management and medical innovations. Three representatives from Sano—Dr. Katarzyna Baliga-Nicholson, Piotr Nowakowski, and Maja Więckiewicz—have already provided online trainings for doctors. 

The training by Dr Katarzyna Baliga-Nicholson, Medical Innovation and Communication Manager at Sano aimed to give knowledge about the basics of artificial intelligence, on the example of conversational technologies. Participants learned the mechanisms of operation of bots and models based on transformers, e.g. ChatGPT.  

Piotr Nowakowski, the leader of the Scientific Programmers  at Sano, gave a talk on “How collecting medical data can improve the quality of healthcare”. 
The aim of the training was to present current issues related to the collection and use of medical data in healthcare – with particular emphasis on data processing using advanced IT tools (including large-scale computing, artificial intelligence systems and decision support systems). 

Maja Więckiewicz, the Director of Operations in Sano, provided training on the topic of “Managing intergenerational diversity” back in November 2023.  

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