Sharing expertise in the Widening action programme 

Sharing expertise in the Widening action programme 

The director of Sano, Dr. Maciej Malawski and Dr. Olav Zimmermann from Forschungszentrum Jülich, a teaming partner of Sano took part in a crucial discussion on the future perspectives of the Widening programme with experts from EU institutions, practitioners, and national stakeholders.

As preparations for the next seven-year EU research framework have already begun, the European Commission has signaled that it considers the Widening Work Program to be a central part of it, but sees a need for strategic and substantive changes. This gives rise to discussions that are crucial to how to close the innovation gap. 

The seventh Brussels FutureTalks: Fostering Innovation Ecosystems in Europe: Which Role for Widening?” on 20 November was centered on questions: How can EU funding for research and innovation be used even more effectively in the future? How can funding be combined more intelligently along national and European strategies to create synergies?  

Widening was created to overcome the considerable differences between the EU countries to exploit the full potential of the European Research Area. Sano has been implementing the Teaming for Excellence program, one of the actions in the Widening work program in the Horizon 2020 EU framework, since 2019. By now Sano has accumulated considerable expertise in technology transfer and modernization of science management processes through strategic partnerships with leading organizations in Poland and abroad.    

The seventh Brussels FutureTalks was co-organized by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) and DLR Projektträger (Germany)

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