Dr. Eng. Marian Bubak Joins the Program Council of the LifeScience Kraków Cluster Foundation

Dr. Eng. Marian Bubak Joins the Program Council of the LifeScience Kraków Cluster Foundation

The Program Council of the LifeScience Kraków Cluster has expanded with new members including Dr. Eng. Marian Bubak, currently the Director of Scientific Affairs at Sano – Centre for Personalised Computational Medicine and a distinguished scientist with extensive academic and research experience.  

Profile of Dr. Eng. Marian Bubak 

Dr. Bubak is a graduate of technical physics at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, where he also earned a PhD in Computer Science. His scientific work focuses on computational methods in medicine, which he pursues by leading a relevant laboratory at the AGH Academic Computer Centre Cyfronet. Dr. Bubak is also a member of the academic and teaching staff of the AGH Institute of Computer Science and a professor emeritus of distributed systems engineering at the University of Amsterdam’s Institute of Computer Science. In his career, he has co-edited significant scientific journals and co-authored about 250 scientific publications and several books. He has also played key roles in many international research projects, with his research focusing on parallel and distributed computing, large-scale simulations, and quantum computing. 

Contribution to the Program Council 

Dr. Bubak joins the Program Council of the Foundation with the intention of bringing his extensive experience in interdisciplinary scientific research and integrating the Life Science Kraków Cluster ecosystem. With his positions in various institutions such as Sano, AGH, Cyfronet, and the Polish Information Processing Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Informatyczne, PTI), where he serves as the Vice-President for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Bubak aims to bring together scientific, medical, and business communities. His international experience is also expected to support the Cluster’s international activities, including building international partnerships and consortia. 

Role of the Program Council 

The Program Council of the LifeScience Kraków Cluster is an advisory body that is responsible for setting and reviewing the directions of the Foundation’s activities. It consists of experts selected by the Cluster’s Partners and plays a crucial role in building and developing the innovation ecosystem. Among its main tasks are initiating the directions of the Foundation’s activities, considering and approving development plans, reviewing projects, and appointing task groups. 

Composition of the Program Council: 

Paweł Błachno Jagiellońskie Centrum Innowacji 
Anna Sowa – Jadczyk MARR 
Rafał Kunaszyk Eurokreator 
Katarzyna Wysocka Urząd Miasta Krakowa 
Agnieszka Bachórz Urząd Marszałkowski Woj. Małopolskiego 
Maciej Szaleniec Instytut Katalizy i Fizykochemii Powierzchni im. Jerzego Habera PAN 
Karolina Jarosińska ExecMind Karolina Jarosińska 
Marian Bubak Sano – Centrum Zindywidualizowanej Medycyny Obliczeniowej – Międzynarodowa Fundacja Badawcza 
Lidia Klimas Selvita S.A. 
Kazimierz Cięciak Comarch Healthcare S.A. 
Jolanta Jaśkowska Intech PK sp. z o.o. 
Monika Bzowska Uniwersytet Jagielloński 
Jolanta Kołodziejczyk Diagnostyka S.A. 
Piotr Kupczak Aban sp. z o.o. 

LifeScience Kraków Cluster 

The Cluster holds the status of a National Key Cluster and is recognized as one of 15 elite strategic groups in Poland that have a significant impact on the country’s economic development. Its activities are focused on innovation and international competitiveness in the biotechnology and life sciences sector. This status opens up new development opportunities for the Cluster, including participation in programs and competitions for research and development projects. 

The election of Dr. Eng. Marian Bubak to the Program Council will undoubtedly contribute to the further development and innovation of the LifeScience Kraków Cluster, bringing valuable experience and knowledge that will help shape the future of computational medicine in Poland.