The In Silico World project aims at accelerating the uptake of modelling and simulation technologies used for the development and regulatory assessment of medicines and medical devices, by lowering seven identified barriers: development, validation, accreditation, optimisation, exploitation, information, and training.

Computer models informed by experimental data enable us to test hypotheses and make predictions, significantly streamlining the research and development cycle relative to trial and error. When it comes to medicine, experimentation relies on biological samples ranging from cultured cells to whole animals, so increased reliance on modelling has additional benefits. Harnessing Big Data and tremendous advances in computing power could pave the way to minimising and eventually eliminating the need for anything other than in silico ‘experimentation’ in medical research and development.

The consortium will use an advanced simulation environment developed by Sano to address the needs for scalability and efficiency of the solutions developed in the project. Such environment provides access computation and storage resources in local and the main European e-infrastructures and commercial cloud services. Moreover, Sano works on performance, scalability and cost efficiency of the advanced simulation models running at extreme scale.

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