Seminars on AI Lifelong Learning 

Seminars on AI Lifelong Learning 

While the world only gets used to living with Artificial Intelligence, scientists from Sano are working on overcoming its shortcomings.

During two seminars Dr. Sousa will introduce an AI Lifelong Learning approach that operates effectively with small data, offers explainable outcomes, and obviates the need for new data gathering or annotation. Those characteristics of AI Lifelong Learning help to free up AI research from the predominant focus on big data, which introduces challenges related to model explainability, limited access to extensive datasets, model complexity, the necessity for normalisation techniques, and requirements for data annotation and collection. 

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16.11.2023, at 4:30 PM Warsaw time, online.  

Seminar for The International Centre for Translational Eye Research (ICTER). The seminar will be dedicated to the application of AI Lifelong Learning approach to Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the most common cause of severe loss of eyesight among people 50 and older. 

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4.12.2023, at 2.00 PM London time, a hybrid event.  

Seminar for INSIGNEO, Sheffield University. At this seminar, the advantages of the application of AI Lifelong Learning approach to personalised health will be demonstrated. 

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