Lichołai, S.; Studzińska, D.; Plutecka, H.; Gubała, T.; Sanak, M.

Non-coding RNAs constitute a heterogeneous group of molecules that lack the ability to encode proteins but retain the potential ability to influence cellular processes through a regulatory mechanism. Of these proteins, microRNAs, long non-coding RNAs, and more recently, circular RNAs have been the most extensively described. However, it is not entirely clear how these molecules interact with each other. For circular RNAs, the basics of their biogenesis and properties are also lacking. Therefore, in this study we performed a comprehensive analysis of circular RNAs in relation to endothelial cells. We identified the pool of circular RNAs present in the endothelium and showed their spectrum and expression across the genome. Using different computational strategies, we proposed approaches to search for potentially functional molecules. In addition, using data from an in vitro model that mimics conditions in the endothelium of an aortic aneurysm, we demonstrated altered expression levels of circRNAs mediated by microRNAs.